Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Beginnings

I am over the young women ages 12-18 in my church (ward). I absolutely LOVE it and double-y love MY girls! Every year we have what is called a "New Beginnings" where we are reminded what we do in the Young Women's program as well as upcoming goals for that year.

This years the girls on the planning committee came up with the idea to do an "Up" theme. So balloons we did. We did it in the YW value colors. It was such a fun night! and turned out so cute!  And even better, was all the help for the adult leaders...many hands makes less work!!
 The "Podium". 
Each girl was responsible for introducing another girl and also for explaining and speaking about a value. They all did great!

The yummy and adorable dessert table!

Our departing gift...

Our theme was "Arise and Shine Forth", so I had the girls think about what they could do to shine. They wrote their idea on a sky lantern and then we let them off and watched them shine. It was the highlight of the night! Literally! :)

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