Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Reception

I have absolutely NO idea where to start on this post.
We had a Picnic/Carnival Reception at the end of March in Henderson.
I had so many great people help me envision and put it all together.
It really was absolutely perfect! I LOVED it and it was just what I wanted.
I was crazy sick {they "honeymoon period" ended real quick} Josh got it first, and decided to share it with me. But I hardly even thought about it during the reception, it was just so fun and so great to see everyone enjoying themselves!

 We really wanted a relaxed fun "party". So we decided on an outdoor carnival picnic.

The decorations were a vintage feel. And of course, my sister Jill did all the flowers for me! 
The majority of the decorations and games were done by my friend's aunt Dea and my friend Melissa! They totally caught my vision! I loved it all.

"Happily Ever After Starts Here"
My friend, Melissa made these signs.
So cute!

The food was catered by my friend, Alisa. It was awesome. I wanted picnic baskets and blankets to eat on. And I wanted cookies instead of cake, so we had a tremendously lovely cookie bar!

I loved the blankets!

The games were SO.MUCH.FUN! And there were a lot to choose from:

Bean Bag Toss


Balloon Toss
Cake Walk
Go Fish--ball toss
Giant Word Search
Fish Pond
Ring Toss
"Lucky Duck"
Kissing Booth
We {obviously} wanted a less traditional reception. We wanted a party. Neither of us is crazy about cake (although, after my wedding cake I might be now!) So we decided that we would do a wedding cake pinata! So fun, the kids (young and old) loved it!!
We let go of over-sized balloons as our final get-away!
We really wanted to leave on vintage bikes.
We got some broken ones, it's the best we could come up with. :)
But what we wanted the most was for everyone to have fun.
I love looking at everyone's smiles!!
I think we got what we wanted!!

And of course, we owe so much to these folks. I love these pictures so much!
I really do hope our parents know how much we appreciate their love, prayers and excitement for us through the years. We appreciate they support during the wedding, but especially in raising us and making us good people. We both have great parents and families that we love so much!

So many people played such a HUGE role in putting this all together! I hope I have let them know how much I appreciate everything! I tried really hard to not be an ungrateful bride, but I still don't feel like I've expressed enough gratitude. I was overwhelmed at the amount of love and generosity that was shown to us! We are a lucky couple!
Thank you!!

The End.
All the amazing photos are a compilation of Jonathan Canlas and Jennifer Garbett.
LOVED my photos!!

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