Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Wedding

I got married!!!
March 12, 2011
I don't think the smile on my face could've gotten any bigger.
It was such a great day. Completely perfect!
And I can say without hesitation (and still say) it was worth the wait!!
This has probably been what has stressed me out {prevented me from} the most about do I post/capture all the great pictures memories I have?? I'm at least going to try...

One of my dearest friends, Jennifer, is an amazingly, talented photographer and she came to capture me getting ready! Another amazing and dear friend, Marcie treated me to a spa/workout morning! It was amazing and just what I needed to help me stay calm and enjoy the moment. It really was the sole reason I reserved a late afternoon spot at the temple. :) I wish there were pictures, but it really was just amazing. The whole morning was so fun! I was surrounded by my family and some amazing friends who all helped me ignore my phone {to keep calm} and focus on the present AND prevent any joyous tears! My mom and Marcie even ran and bought me a new temple about last minute! :)

A few of the details...
One of my favorites was using my mom's, grandma's, great grandma's cameos.
My mom gave me my own also as a wedding gift. So 4 generations of amazing women's cameos.
I LOVED my bouquet!! LOVED it. This might not even be the best picture of it, but it was awesome.
And I love even more that my amazing sister, Jill made it for me. I know it completely stressed her out, but it couldn't have been more perfect! It is one of the most meaningful parts of my wedding.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Willis!
I loved seeing all of the smiles of the people I love the most. Everyone was so happy for us!

We both love our family so much! I was amazed at all they did to support us in this day. It is so great to have great families!! And I do need to add, it was SO great to have my mom and sisters in the temple changing room with me, spiritual and lighthearted all in one! I love them!
 It was great to have a late afternoon sealing, because after all the congratulations
we were off to eat!! :) We all met up at Buca di Beppo in downtown SLC
to enjoy the moment even more and eat some good food!!
Another wonderful friend, Dawn made the absolutely beautiful cake that tasted
just as beautiful! Seriously, hands down the best cake I've ever eaten.
My ONLY wedding day regret is that I only got one bite. :( 
I still dream about that cake!  YUM!
{Have I mentioned I have a lot of amazingly, talented friends??} 
My friend Melissa helped me with so much for the wedding and the reception. She made these super fun banners for everyone to celebrate. It was just what I envisioned and I loved them!!

So many great friends and family!!
 One of my most favorite pictures...taken by the talented Jennifer Garbett!
Marcie caught my beautiful bouquet! 

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